August 27, 2011
It ain’t pat o’s but I’ll take it (Taken with instagram)

It ain’t pat o’s but I’ll take it (Taken with instagram)

July 7, 2011
Um creepy!  (Taken with instagram)

Um creepy! (Taken with instagram)

June 26, 2011
Alesso at Shm  (Taken with instagram)

Alesso at Shm (Taken with instagram)

June 26, 2011
Vay. Gez.  (Taken with instagram)

Vay. Gez. (Taken with instagram)

June 10, 2011
Taken with Instagram at Soy Cafe

Taken with Instagram at Soy Cafe

June 9, 2011
Rain rain go away (Taken with instagram)

Rain rain go away (Taken with instagram)

November 1, 2010


Happy Halloween (belated)!  After the Halloweekend festivities, my friends and I decided to watch scary movies and potluck for the actual holiday.  We had some awesome candy to give to trick or treater’s (rolos and mounds, no bs) and watched Scream. There were a lot more movies to choose from but considering I can barely get through House of Wax (yes, the movie with Paris Hilton) we all settled on Scream.

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October 19, 2010   1 note

Stephanie Jean Wojcik Wojcik-Dotes

Name: Stephanie Nickname: Stephy Age: 22 Profession: Auditor

Accomplishment you are most proud of: Currently, running 19 miles

Your “Wojcik-dotes”: I’m still thinking lol..

While Stef was still “thinking” I pulled some of her favorite Wojcik-dotes from my memory of her.

Stephanie Wojcik is my one and only sister. She is younger by roughly twenty eight months. She is a Taurus (so we get along by definition haha). But we actually do. My first Wojcik-Dote is dedicate to an amazing person, wonderful sister, and hilarious person. So let the quirky dotes begin:

Gym Rat
As much as we hate to define ourselves by a sport, Stephanie was a gymnast from the age of four, up until her college years. When Steph was five, she could do twenty seven pulls up. Yes, twenty seven. I don’t even know twenty seven year old guys who can do twenty seven pull ups. From that point on Stephanie would go to Stewart Manor Elementary school from 9am-3pm come home, have some noodles with butter, or a bread and butter sandwich (a particular fave of her’s) and head out with a “leo” on and workout at the gym from 6pm-9pm. Steph skill setted her way through the years and ended a level 10 gymnast. She moved on to do cheerleading for Hofstra, and now just tumbles in her down time. There’s been rumor of a potential tryout for next year’s Knicks Tumbling Squad.

Strawberry Outfit
Much of Stephanie’s childhood was also defined by her Strawberry outfits. With a slight case of diagnosed OCD in fear of the world ending (I’m serious here) she grasped onto whatever normalcy she could. She didn’t wash her hands 40 times a day, or turn the lights on and off twice before leaving the house. No, Stephanie picked something even quirkier, an affinity for Strawberry outfits, and a compulsion to have a WHOLE collection of whatever McDonald’s happy meal toys were out.

For Stefie’s mom who is very into having her girls in “cute outfits” (possibly the Teresa Guidice of the 80’s) it was certainly an interesing time when Stephanie decided she would only wear what I can best describe as a romper with a skirt, decorated with different fruits. Since she became a fan of these, Stephanie’s mom had to buy one in every fruit in order to keep her child in clean clothes. Stawberries, Watermelons, Grapes, Lemons, her closet looked more like a farmers market. In the winter, a strawberry outfit with tights and a turtleneck underneath oh AND cowboy boots (with no socks). Ok so back in 1991 maybe she wasn’t the trendiest,or maybe she was the hipster of kindergarten.  Below, the “grape” outfit.

Happy Meal’s And Littlest Pet Shop
For Stefie’s dad the McDonald’s trip became a scavenger hunt. She had gotten the five piece chicken mcnuggets the day before and had a cute little water squirter sebastian toy in her Happy Meal. And while that kept her content the concerned girl couldn’t help but think “but what about his family?!” So, Stef’s dad would get in his vehicle of choice, the large red firetruck and drive with “the brothers” to the closest McDonald’s (at this time he worked at the firehouse which can be seen in the movie Coming To America and so he frequented the once McDonald’s and movie portrayed McDowell’s quite a few times). He’d get out and walk into the back of McDonald’s as a “building inspection” and ask for Sebastian’s missing family members, Ariel and Flounder of course.

Eventually Stephanie realized that there were other wardrobe choices in the world, and that if her toy didn’t have it’s family it wasn’t the end of the world (this being well after she had the WHOLE collection of My Littlest Petshop)

Never Growing Up
While Steph had always and still to this date claims she “never wants to grow up,” here she is, twenty one, working for Ernst and Young and living life like a big girl. If you ask her what she wants to really do with her life, she’ll most likely say “be a kindergarten teacher and color all day.” Maybe one day?

Baby We Were Born To Run
Stephanie is now training for the marathon on November 7th. She needs to raise a pretty penny to run so if you want to donate to the American Cancer Society in order to watch my sister pound through 26.2 miles of NYC streets donate here!

September 27, 2010

"I have heard the term "Blog" used but I don’t know what a "Blog" really is"

So on my adventure to start these posts I’ve reached out to a few people I admire, respect, and love.  One being my grandpa, Mickey.  Mickey, who is particularly technologically savvy and constantly showing me new things on his iPhone, raised a point which had me stumped for a second or two.

I have heard the term “Blog” used but I don’t know what a “Blog” really is. What is it’s purpose? Who reads these things? Why do they care?

Hi, wow.  In my attempts to answer, i’ll have to come up with a legitimate answer.  Just wanted to see what thoughts this sparked for you and the other tumblrs out there.

What is the purpose?

Who reads these things?

Why do they care?

September 26, 2010   1 note


As I sat through this rather warm Sunday (a serious understatement as it was over one hundred degrees today in Los Angeles) I thought about all the others “dotes” out there.  What is an anecdote? According to Webster’s Dictionary an anecdote is

a usually short narrative of an interesting, amusing, or biographical incident

Although my blog will be based on some of my short (read long) anecdotes, I would love to sprinkle other peoples “dotes” through out.  With a human population of over 6 billion people in the world, isn’t it remarkable and almost unfathomable that EACH of those people have their own story, unique and distinct.  Even if there are identical twins, at one point in their life something happened to one, or was percieved by one differently than the other.  I certainly will not have nearly 6 billion posts, but to feature the stories of those I know, love, and/or honor, is a feat I hope to accomplish.